Pipeline Strategy and Progress
Globally competitive Pipeline Globally competitive Pipeline

With a strategic emphasis on oncology, we have built a global pipeline through collaborations and internal discoveries with more than 10 drug candidates in development, including small molecules, monoclonal/bifunctional antibodies and oncolytic virus.

Currently, we have four programs that are being investigated in clinical trials: With fast track designation from FDA, AN2025(buparlisib) is expected to be the first-in-class drug for treating recurrent or static HNSCC (Phase III multi-center clinical trial). AN0025 is a clinical stage, potential first-in-class EP4 antagonist designed to modulate tumor microenvironment. AN1004 (pelareorep), with fast track designation from the FDA, is a registrational trial-stage, potential first-in-class intravenously delivered oncolytic virus for treating HR+/HER2- mBC. AN4005, our clinically most advanced drug candidate from in-house discovery, is a potential first-in-class, orally available, small-molecule PD-L1 inhibitor.


We have also accumulated a number of preclinical drug candidates, including AN6025 (HPK1 inhibitor) and AN3025 (TNFR2).


We are working on discovering combination solutions while developing unique cocktail therapy, aiming to bring effective treatment for patients.