Adlai Nortye Congratulates Dr. Ronald M. Evans, Chair of Scientific Advisory Board, on Receipt of the 2021 Asan Award in Basic Medicine

NEW JERSY and HANGZHOU, China, March 26, 2021 -- Adlai Nortye is pleased to announce that Dr. Ronald M. Evans, who serves as the Chair of the company’s Scientific Advisory Board, has been awarded the 2021 Asan Award in Basic Medicine.

This award is presented by the Asan Foundation to recognize Dr. Evans’ considerable contributions to medical science. Dr. Evans is known for discovering a “superfamily” of 48 genes called nuclear hormone receptors and launching the modern era of molecular endocrinology, which has led to invaluable insights into numerous physiological processes and the development of novel treatments for bolic diseases and cancer. Dr. Evans is the first international recipient of the Asan Award in Basic Medicine.

“We are proud of the close relationship with Dr. Evans, who applies rigorous scientific approach to investigate physiological problems,” said Carsten Lu, CEO of Adlai Nortye. “Ron’s transformative discovery led to an elucidation of the nuclear hormone receptors that enable the cells to molecularly control physiology and diseases, including cancer we are currently focusing on.”